1. When will my membership start and how long will it last?

Your membership will start as soon as you sign up on this website and will last until you cancel it. To cancel your membership, you must call Three Winners at the telephone number listed on the website. Memberships cannot be cancelled online.

2. Am I under any obligation with my membership?

No. The membership is month-to-month and is solely for a coupon discount program. There are no other obligations. There are no undisclosed costs or risks.

3. Are there any other benefits?

Yes, and they are all included with your membership. You will have access to other savings benefits, including our national grocery coupons; hundreds of online and printable coupons that allow our members savings at many of the nation's largest and most well-known "big box" retailers. Plus, watch for additional money savings benefits that we are starting to add to help our members with travel savings and more. We will constantly be looking to add additional merchant offers and benefits to help our members save money.

4. What if I don't have Internet access?

A membership is a great gift idea, or you can use a computer at another location such as the library to access your coupons.

5. What kind of discounts do merchants offer?

Merchants offer 2-for-1 coupons, 50% off coupons, 20% off coupons and more.

6. Can I access discounts from my cell phone?

Yes. Just use the browser on your phone to go to the Three Winners website. The coupons are formatted to fit in the screen of most smartphones.

7. Can friends and family members share my membership?

Three Winners does not discourage sharing your membership access with immediate family members such as your spouse and/or children.


1. Location Based Discounts

All discounts that are offered by Three Winners can only be redeemed at the location specified on the discount. Therefore, please do not attempt to use a discount at any location other than the one specified on the discount. If a discount for a particular merchant location does not display on our home page, you should assume that the merchant location is not participating in our program at this time.

2. Sharing Your Membership With Others

Three Winners does not discourage sharing your membership access with immediate family members such as your spouse and/or children. However, allowing friends and co-workers to share your membership is prohibited and is a disservice to your community because additional members produce additional revenue for local charities.

3. For Personal Use Only

Printed discounts are for personal use only and cannot be used for competitive reasons. Using printed discounts for competitive reasons is a violation of our copyright notice and will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

4. Copyright and Trademark Infringements

The printed coupon is copyrighted and printed logos may be protected by trademark laws. Any altering, copying, or misuse of the printed coupon without written permission by Three Winners is a violation and infringes against copyright protection laws and/or trademark laws. Violators will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

5. Discount Expiration

Printed discounts from the internet will expire 30 days from the time the discount was printed.

6. Not Valid with Other Discounts

Discounts offered by Three Winners are not valid with any other discount unless specified on discount.

7. Limit One Discount Per Table

Only one discount per table is generally accepted at merchants. To ensure that multiple discounts per table will be accepted, you should ask before ordering.

8. Tipping

Tipping should be based on the total bill before the discount is applied. Typically, a tip of 15-20% of the total bill is given for good service.

9. Holidays

Some discounts are not valid on the following holidays: New Years Eve/Day, Valentines Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas Eve/Day, Thanksgiving, and Sweetest Day. Some merchants also restrict the use of the discount for other recognized holidays not listed above. When in doubt which holidays are acceptable, call the merchant ahead of time.

10. Buy One Get One Free

When purchasing two or more menu items, the merchant will declare the "free menu item" as the least expensive menu item, up to the maximum value that is specified on the discount. A "menu item" is typically a main entree.

11. 50% Off

Discounts that offer 50% off will be subject to the maximum value stated on the discount.

12. "Kids are Free!" Offers

Some discounts will include "Kids are Free". "Kids are Free" discounts are limited to one free kids meal/service/product per paid adult meal/service/product (unless stated differently on discount). The paid adult must purchase a meal/service/product at full price. The total value of free meals/service/product must not exceed the maximum value stated on the discount.

14. Movies

Periodically, some movies will not accept passes or discounts. Please check with the movie theater before attempting to use your discount.

15. Liability Disclaimer

Three Winners will not be responsible if any merchant refuses to accept your discount or provides poor service/product. However, we encourage you to notify us by sending an email to CustomerService@ThreeWinners.com. All of our merchants are under contract to accept a member's discount so we need to know when merchants fail to oblige by their contract. Three Winners is not liable for bodily injury, property damage, or other losses resulting from an accident or use of the merchant's establishment.

16. Warranty Disclaimer

Three Winners disclaims all warranties (expressed, implied or otherwise imposed by law) regarding the safety or quality of any merchant or merchant's premises.